sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2013

New kicks

 Nike air force

Eu postei aqui um pouco de tudo em relação a desejos de calçado. Foi nike blazer, até umas air force, vans mas estas nunca por cá apareceram, pelo menos este modelo. No outro dia dei com elas num site online a um preço imbatível. Tive que as ter. São giras, versáteis, e muito comfortáveis. Gosto muito de as ver calçadas, ainda ficam melhor do que eu imaginava. Agora só faltam mais umas coisinhas na minha lista de desejos consumistas para este outono/inverno.

In the past few weeks you saw what I wanted in terms shoes. I showed you a bit of everything, there were nike blazers, nike air forces, and vans. None of those were actually the choosen ones. I went for a differente Nike air force model than I showed you at first. This were a bargain that I found online. It was my first time buying shoes online. They are better than I expected. They are comfortable, good looking and they go with everything. Now I can scrach sneakers from my fall/winter wishlist.

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  1. Like ;)


  2. nice shoes, my dear!
    Have a nice day, kisses ;*

  3. I love that!
    Amazing colours!

    xo, G.
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  4. My brother has the same shoes!
    They look so cool and I like to wear then, when I have to go on the balcony
    happy for you, that your first online shopping went so well

    xoxo Minnie

  5. Woow! It`s really amazing!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear!



  6. Awesome !!!!

  7. Theses shoes are really cool.

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  8. hey, i really like your blog and your pictures.
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    i would be happy :)

    lovely greetings, lucia

  9. Look cool!
    Yes, if u want we can follow each other! :)

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  10. thanks for your comment on my blog! thanks for dropping by :)

    sure, let's follow each other!
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