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Brand: tonnshop

Ter um blog ajuda a ajudar. Eu gosto muito de marcas pequenas, aqueles com peças únicas que se encontram em tardes aborrecidas enquanto se faz um pesquisa no bigcartel. Tonnshop foi uma dessas lojinhas pequenas, com um numero limitadissimo de peças mas que de alguma maneira apela a minha estética. Deiam um saltinho até ao site deles para os conhecer melhor e verem o resto das suas roupinhas. Também os entrevistei, e podem ler em baixo as respostas contudo não tive tempo para fazer a tradução. Isto com os testes já sabem como é, difícil.
Having a blog is a great way to help smaller bussinesses. Tonnshop is a small shop I found at bigcartel (I go there whenever I am bored and end up finding great brands.) and I love them so much I decided to feature them. I asked them a few question to wich they responded. Let's see the mini-interview!

How was it starting a brand?
It was not something I had always wanted to do, it was just sort of
a way that I could express myself in a more consistent way. Many
people told me it takes a lot of money to start one and wondered how I
went about starting it. Even before I was the founder of Tonn, I am a
photographer. As my main source of income, I starting the clothing
brand with the money I made from it. Tonn started off selling cotton
caps with woven labels, followed by a simple crew neck sweatshirt that
sold very well. Things started looking very bright for the brand, so
there was no reason to stop.

How would you define your brand?
Tonn is currently a street wear brand that is due to branch out to
make semi-formal clothing as well. Based in New York City, Tonn is
exposed to all types of styles and sources of inspiration. The line
follows minimalism and contemporary fashion, yet has a timeless
quality. The clothing and accessories is meant to be worn by all types
of people, and this is due to the main thing that inspires Tonn to be
exactly what it is, travel. I have traveled to many different
excursions and sights all over the globe and gain a perspective that
gives respect to all. The color scheme used is essential to maintain
that diversity. On top of this, there are many sentiments and stories
behind the clothing, and each garment is usually given a special name.
I define Tonn to be the embodiment of clothing that can be loved by
the simple and complex human being.

I loved their anwsers. It is so great to come across such nice litlle brands. I hope you like them aswell and go to their website to see all the other clothes in there.

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  1. I like the sweater. And so nice of you to help them.


    1. so cute!

  2. Love the bog! Good to see guy's perspective on fashion in the blog world. Returned the new follower favor :)

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  4. neat! it is always cool to see the story behind a brand


  5. They have so many dots!!! :D
    good idea featuring little brands. Thumbs up! I like that

    xoxo Minnie

  6. nice bluse:)))

  7. This brand is beautiful, Love the sweatshirt!! ;))
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  8. Really cool hat! I would actually wear it too haha

  9. What a lovely sweater...certanly my son will want it

  10. Me gusta un montón la sudadera!!!:)
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